I have brought w16w led canbus bulbs for my book light. There is no question that book light is a fundamental part of any kind of automobile. We can set up aftermarket led light bulb as my book light for a white radiance in contrast to the dull shade that the auto turned out of the factory with. I am now sharing my experience of mounting w16w led canbus T15 for get light.

Open up the trunk and get rid of the pins, they always keep a hold on the trunk liner.


After getting rid of the pins, figure out the reserve light bulb setting and also pull it out off the connection. We will certainly see the factory halogen bulb.

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Instead of the manufacturing facility bulbs, set up the new T15 w16w led canbus light bulbs precisely in the same place as the old bulbs were gotten rid of. Remember to make certain to examine the bulbs before fixing them in.

Put the led bulb into the light housing carefully as well as the installation of W16W led canbus backup light bulbs is done.


Lastly inspecting whether the lights are functioning correctly or otherwise, activate the car’s ignition and also shift the equipment to see if the lights are functioning job effectively or not.

Otherwise, just get rid of and turn the adapter and placed it back ready. Since the led bulbs are polarity delicate, they need to be attached effectively in the assembly to make sure that they are complete in light up.

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